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Hello, we are GeauxPlans! Estate planning made simple and affordable - exclusively for Louisiana! 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly estate planning solution for Louisiana residents, you've come to the right place. 

Please join us for a complimentary webinar and discover basic must-know estate planning concepts that will enable you to create your own estate plan -- without an Attorney (or Attorney Fees)!

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What We'll Cover In This Online Event

With skilled guidance from your host, you will also discover:

The difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust
How to avoid the expense and delay of probate with a revocable trust from GeauxPlans
Why it is essential to "fund" a revocable trust and how to do it properly
How to actually create your own estate plan with GeauxPlans at a fraction of the cost of an attorney-prepared estate plan
And so much more....
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More Highlights From This Online Event

Attend this webinar and discover:

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 Discovery #1

How to protect your home, savings, and family from costly mistakes

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Discovery #2

How to control who gets what, when, and how

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Discovery #3

The difference between a will and a trust, and which one may be right for you

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About Your Presenter

J. Graves Theus, Jr.

Attorney at Law

Hi, my name is Graves Theus. I'm a premier-rated Louisiana attorney and I've been practicing law for over 25 years. I specialize in estate planning & asset protection. It's my passion to help individuals make the right personalized decisions about how to protect their home, savings, and family. 

There are many options for online estate planning. None are Louisiana specific. Choosing the wrong source or improperly answering questions can render a self-prepared estate plan legally invalid, especially in Louisiana. Having litigated many "bad will" cases, I know this for a fact, which is why I created GeauxPlans

A little bit of knowledge and the right set of tools will help you avoid costly mistakes, so you can rest easy knowing all is right in the world - and you can get back to that gumbo. Let's Geaux! 

"The trouble is, you think you have time." ~Jack Kornfield
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"Exceptionally competent and patiently answers questions..."

➯ We started by attending an Estate Planning Workshop led by Graves Theus.  That was about the wisest decision we have made in some time. ~Doyle

➯ The Estate Planning Seminar is a must from my perspective. ~Mark

➯ I attended an Estate Planning Workshop and was extremely impressed. The entire staff made every step of this process very easy. ~Dianne 

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