Legal Edge Plan

Protect your GeauxPlan for life just for $9.99/month

Legal Edge Plan

Forever Revisions
Unlimited revisions to your GeauxPlan at any time and for any reason!

Anytime Upgrade to an Advanced Estate Plan
Upgrade your GeauxPlan to an Advanced Estate Plan at any time and for any reason with an affiliated estate planning law firm and receive a 100% credit of your original GeauxPlans Fee!

Maintenance for Life
Any estate plan needs to be maintained, or eventually it may not work. Legal Edge Plan entitles you to an annual meeting with an affiliated estate planning law firm to review your GeauxPlan to make sure it still works for you – so you are “all set”!

Become a member for $9.99/month!

Life happens!

Circumstances change and so do estate planning needs.

The Legal Edge Plan allows upgrading to an Advanced Estate Plan and applies a full (100%) credit of your original GeauxPlan fee toward the upgrade with an affiliated estate planning law firm!

Protect your investment with the Legal Edge Plan!

The following are some instances that may warrant upgrading to an Advanced Estate Plan:

You seek lifetime asset protection from future creditors, lawsuits, unforeseeable liabilities, or nursing home poverty.

You or a loved one is likely to need assisted living or long-term care, or you may lose a spouse soon due to a terminal illness.

You do not agree with your spouse on the plans he or she wants.

You have concerns about your spouse remarrying or partnering up after you die and diverting your assets to someone you do not wish to include in your estate plan, such as a future spouse or life-partner.

You have a beneficiary that is disabled or has special needs.

You have a beneficiary who is unable to manage money, has a high risk of being sued, is in a bad marriage, has creditor issues, abuses drugs or alcohol, is likely to need long-term care in the future, is currently receiving need-based governmental benefits such as Medicaid.

Your assets exceed the current Federal estate tax exemption, which is $12.06 million per person (as of January 1, 2022), subject to any future amendments, modifications, or indexing after January 1, 2022.

You need a protective trust for your spouse, children, grandchildren, or other heirs to provide continuing asset protection rather than staged outright distributions.

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