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An operating agreement is your company's constitution. Set guidelines, settle disputes, and protect your assets. An EIN is your LLC's Social Security number. Use it to file taxes, build your staff, and access financial resources. Licenses keep your business compliant and running smoothly. Ensure you have what's required for your specific industry and state.

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for your LLC in Louisiana

From operating to hiring, we'll help you get the right documents, requirements, licenses, and permits to stay compliant. These costs are tax-deductible.

What's included in package?
  • An OA allows you to set your own rules for your LLC vs. following default state laws
  • Becomes a binding contract with partners so you can start with clear eyes and avoid disputes
  • Protects your assets by helping maintain your limited liability status
  • An EIN helps you open a business bank account, get a line of credit, and apply for loans
  • Prevents identity theft by letting you use your EIN for business, rather than your SSN
  • Required for taxes if you have employees or partners