How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)

The cost of a Trust varies widely, Creating a Trust doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are affordable options.

If you are considering whether to include a Living Trust in your estate plan, you are probably wondering how much does a trust cost? In real terms, a Trust can be quite complex and the cost of a Trust varies widely. Creating a Trust doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some very affordable options.

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A Trust us is generally more expensive than a Will, but less expensive in the long run if you factor in the cost of a probate. You don’t always get what you pay for when it comes to the cost of a Trust, so choose your source carefully.

How much does a lawyer charge for a trust?

A lawyer’s charge for a Trust will usually be more expensive than the cost of an Online Trust. This is because attorney fees are usually a function of attorney time. Just a few hours of attorney time can get quite expensive.

You shouldn’t need an attorney unless you have advanced estate planning needs. If you elect to hire an attorney, just make sure to select an attorney who specializes in Trust planning.

An experienced estate planning attorney will usually charge several thousand dollars for a Trust. At that price point, you should expect a very comprehensive and well-tailored document. A simple Trust from an attorney may be cheaper, but you don’t need an attorney for a basic Trust with GeauxPlans.

How much does a Trust cost online?

GeauxPlans offers a hybrid approach to basic estate planning. You get the best of both worlds because every GeauxPlans user is entitled to a complimentary consultation with an estate planning attorney to ensure each GeauxPlan serves its purpose for basic estate planning needs.

The cost of an Online Trust can be quite affordable. An Online Trust from the right platform should be more than sufficient for basic estate planning needs. The cost of a living trust from GeauxPlans starts at $399.00, which includes a LOT more than just a living trust.

The centerpiece of your estate plan which controls the management of assets during your life and allows your beneficiaries to receive their inheritance outright, without going through the time and expense of court proceedings.

Ensures your Revocable Trust remains the center-piece of your estate plan and that all “probate assets” flow through your Revocable Trust.

Appoint someone you know and trust to manage assets and make financial decisions for you if you become incapacitated or are unavailable.

Appoint someone you know and trust to make medical decisions for you if you become incapaciated or are unavailable.

State your wishes in advance regarding what types of medical life support measures you prefer if cannot express your preferences yourself.

Authorize someone to access your Protected Health Information for quick assistance or decisions if you become incapaciated.

Transfers your residence to your Revocable Trust with a reserved lifetime usufruct to ensure you retain any homestead exemption.

Contains a summary of key provisions of the Trust to be given to third parties in lieu of the full Trust Agreement in the interest of privacy. No personal details are disclosed. .

A set of instructions to place assets into Trust to help ensure you avoid probate. .

How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)

The cost of a Living Trust may vary with the size of your estate

Larger estates tend to be more complex than smaller ones. A large estate that exceeds the current threshold for Federal estate taxes ($12.06 Million per person in 2022) will require advanced estate planning techniques. Trusts are useful tools for Federal estate tax planning. The cost of a Living Trust utilized for Advanced Estate Planning needs for larger estates will usually approach several thousand dollars.

The number of beneficiaries may affect the price of a Trust

The price of a Trust may be higher for someone planning to pass down assets to many beneficiaries. Multiple beneficiaries can add complexity to an estate plan, so they are often not as straightforward compared to an estate plan where a person names only one beneficiary.

This is especially true if separate share trusts are to be created for beneficiaries, rather than outright distributions. An outright distribution to a beneficiary would be owned directly by the beneficiary free of Trust. Distributions to a beneficiary to be further held in Trust will generally increase the living trust cost if it requires special drafting and the creation of additional trusts.

You can create separate share trusts for beneficiaries with GeauxPlans for no additional cost.

The lawyer charge for a trust will depend on the type of trust

Trusts are like ice cream. There are a million different flavors. If you think about it, a Trust is just a combination of words, so as many different combinations of words as there can be in any given language, that’s how many kinds of Trusts that may exist.

In a much broader sense, there are really only two kinds of trust: (1) Testamentary; and (2) Living. There are two kinds of Living Trusts: (1) Revocable; and (2) Irrevocable. Underneath these broad categories, there are an infinite number of variables. To learn more about Trusts, click the button below.

The bottom line is that Trusts can be relatively simple, or complex. A simple Trust is generally less expensive than a more complex Trust for special needs or circumstances. Before you choose a trust, start with the end. Consider what you are trying to accomplish. Then pick the right tool for the right job.

Not sure where to start?

Tell us about yourself and we'll match you with the right plan!
#1 Choose Your State

If you spend time in more than one state, use the state where you are registered to vote, or maintain a driver's license, or intend to return if you are temporarily residing in another state.

#2 Are you married?
#3 Do you want to plan for what happens when you die?

You get to decide who's in control after you die, who gets your assets, and when, as well as who cares for children, etc.

#4 Do you own any real estate in the state of Louisiana?
#5 OK, so probate will be required in Louisiana. It's a bit more work, but do you want to avoid the probate process by transferring your assets to a Living Trust?

GeauxPlans can walk you through the process - step by step.

#5 Do you own probate assets worth more than $125,000?

Probate assets include property that passes by beneficiary designation or that isn't already in a trust. Put another way, probate assets do not include life insurance or annuity proceeds (unless your estate is the beneficiary), retirement assets, usufruct or life estate property, and other assets with named beneficiaries, such pay on death accounts.

#6 Do you have any minor children?

Include both biological and legally adopted children.

How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)
How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)
How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)
#4 If you lose capacity, do you want someone you trust to make financial or healthcare decisions for you?

Incapacity can result from any of the following:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Medical conditions
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Anything that can cause you from acting on your own behalf, whether temporarily or permanently

If something happens to you, someone should be able to make medical and financial decisions for you, like taking care of bills and other financial obligations, consenting to medical procedures, making care arrangements, and accessing proctected health information.

How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)
#5 Do you need authority to make financial or medical decisions for another person?

For example, a college student who is no longer a minor, or an elderly person (perhaps a parent) may need assistance with financial or medical decisions.

#6 Do you seek privacy or improved control of your assets during life?

For example, do you wish to:

  • Minimize or avoid any public record or information about personal assets?
  • Shield any public information from creditors or predators?
  • Keep assets segregated as separate property in the event of a second marriage?
#7 It sounds like you need some advice.

GeauxPlans is owned and administered by an estate planning law firm. If you have questions or would like a complimentary consultation, please submit your inquiry.

The cost of a trust will increase if you have a complex estate plan

Not every situation is simple. Advanced estate planning needs may require the help of an attorney to assess needs and customize your estate planning documents.

GeauxPlans offers a unique approach to Advanced Estate Planning needs with the Legal Edge Plan. With our hybrid approach to estate planning, start with a basic estate plan, then assess your needs with a complimentary consultation with an estate planning attorney. If it turns out that you have Advanced Estate Planning needs, GeauxPlans provides a 100% credit of your GeauxPlans fee towards a more advanced estate plan with an affiliated estate planning attorney. So there is zero risk.

If you have advanced estate planning needs, GeauxPlans has your back!

A living trust cost should match the benefits

A Trust is like a car. The purpose of a car is to get you from one place to another. A luxury car will get you there in style, but a basic vehicle will still accomplish the task.

Estate planning is not about style. It’s about functionality.

A basic living trust may be all that you need. The living trust cost should match the benefits to you. If you don’t need more than a basic Trust-Based Estate Plan from GeauxPlans, then don’t pay more than necessary for a Trust-Based Estate Plan.

How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)

Premium Benefits

Practical, affordable, and complete solutions for you

  • Establish a Revocable Trust to avoid probate (a/k/a succession)
  • Establish protective trusts for beneficiaries
  • Decide who will control your affairs
  • Leave specific gifts of money, possessions, property, etc.
  • Decide when and how your assets will be distributed
  • Decide who will benefit from your estate
  • Exclude individuals from receiving assets
  • Designate a financial agent to make decisions about your property
  • Designate a medical agent to make healthcare decisions for you
  • Grant someone you trust access to critical medical records
  • Decide what happens in a medical emergency
  • Nominate Guardians or Tutors for minor children
How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)
How Much Does A Trust Cost (With and Without an Attorney)

If you have any questions about the cost of a Trust, or what you can do to mitigate the price of a Trust, reach out to our support team who stand ready to assist you.

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